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If anyone wishes to contact the people behind "The Two-Party Party", use any of the following options:

E-mail:  (at least until August 2, 2022; if I do not win

the Democratic primary, the better email address will become



Please note that the same environmental engineer & patent attorney who created this "2PartyParty" websIte, is running for the U.S. Senate (Democratic primary 2022), and  also created:

The website describes how a number of under-appreciated geometric shapes (triangles, tetrahedrons, etc.), and the principles which make them strong and stable, can be used to create better and stronger structures, systems, and relationships. It also describes (and illustrates) how too many arguments arise from mere differences in perspective, rather than differences in reality, and it explains the "one-two-sigma-delta" concept, which could greatly improve a lot of relationships, if understood more widely –

–   AND  –

It's my campaign website, and contains more info about me (for people trying to decide whether they should trust me, enough to vote for me), and about global warming and sea-level rise (a MAJOR part of my campaign, and why I decided to jump into that race, even though I'm a political unknown).

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