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          This is an early draft of a website by a scientist/engineer/patent lawyer/inventor who hopes to use that combination of skills and experience – i.e., in actually solving problems, and in working with creative people who want to help others – to at least TRY to help make politics “better”. That effort will focus on the following things:


​            1. Pointing out and explaining why America needs TWO stable, reliable, and functional political parties (i.e., mainly so that each one can help offer better choices to voters, while also helping to keep the other party under control of the public). We fully (even painfully) recognize and agree that the modern two-party system has become very badly broken; however, the best path forward is to repair and rebuild it, rather than shifting to some third-party system which will totally screw up everything;

            2. Warning voters who are fed up with the two main parties (for VERY good reasons, we heartily agree), and who may be attracted to third-party alternatives, that whenever any third party has grown strong enough to change the outcome of an election, they ALWAYS have created results which were the exact OPPOSITE of what they SAID they wanted . . . because ANY third party will ALWAYS “split the vote” with the party they are closer to, and hand a victory to the party they do NOT like;

            3. Creating mechanisms and tactics which can enable moderate and centrist voters to put powerful pressures on BOTH of the two main political parties (i.e., Democrats, and Republicans) to back away from aggressive, mean-spirited radicals and fringe-dwellers who have created “last man standing” battles that disgust and repel moderates, thereby allowing fringe-dwellers at BOTH ends of the spectrum to choose loud, obnoxious, `show-pony' (or `culture warrior', `camera whore', etc.) nominees, who are crippling Congress and who do NOT serve the needs or wishes of tax-payers and voters;


            4. Pointing out that in any “democratic republic” (which is what our Constitution created), things like negotiating, bargaining, and compromising are absolutely essential to enable functioning, competent government; and, describing a specific tactic voters can use to push BOTH parties back in the direction of selecting nominees who will do those kinds of things, even if it means having to actually negotiate with people from the other party; and,

            5. Creating an early draft of THE MIDDLE-CLASS MANIFESTO, which will: (i) point out that the best, happiest, strongest, and most productive period of any city-state, empire, or nation that has ever existed, was the period when its MIDDLE CLASS was large, strong, and stable; and, (ii) propose ways that voters can force politicians to face up to that fact, and begin actually helping the middle class, rather than making useless empty promises to do so, and then serving their campaign contributors, for real;

           6. Pointing out that career politicians are NOT EVEN TRYING to solve ANY of  the most divisive, polarizing, hate-filled issues that are tearing America apart (abortion, gun control, immigration, health care, etc.). Instead, they have learned how to exploit, abuse, and "milk" those issues, to help them get re-elected. How? By exploiting the anger which is driving people apart, to get more campaign contributions, more attention and publicity, and more campaign workers.  As a counter-effort,  a set of logical, reasonable, productive and helpful positions have been developed, on each and all of those four problems, which ANY moderate candidate, from EITHER party, can endorse, get behind, and work for – if they want to actually help solve problems, and appeal to moderate and centrist voters.

            America is in severe jeopardy of getting caught in a “perfect storm,” with not just one but several major, severely threatening, and powerful challenges, all barreling toward us, and looking as though they might ALL hit us, all at the same time. Therefore, we – ordinary citizens, taxpayers, and voters – need to find ways to pull BOTH of the major parties (Democrats AND Republicans) back from their efforts to tear this nation apart, and try to at least begin getting ready, before we get hit – hard – by things that we will NOT be able to control, after they have already landed on top of us with full force. We need to find ways to forcibly and effectively remind any and all candidates for Congress of their obligations to ALL of America, and to all the middle class, and to all taxpayers, and to all the respectful and respectable people who are doing far more than Congress is doing, these days, to hold this nation together. We need to find ways to push and pull BOTH major parties back toward more stable, productive, and workable truces between them, using steps that will require BOTH major parties to change, and begin working on actually solving the most severe and urgent problems facing America.

​          Two last substantive points, for this front page:

FIRST: there are at least a dozen political organizations that have adopted goals and strategies which are nicely aligned with the “moderation, balance, and actual problem-solving” goals of The Two-Party Party. We do NOT want to compete against any of those organizations; instead, we intend to reach out to as many of them as possible, once this website is up and running, to let them know what we are doing (and how, and why); and, we hope to create cooperative partnerships and working agreements with as many of them as possible.

SECOND: during the 2022 election cycle, The Two-Party Party organization (originally formed in Missouri) will focus mainly on the Missouri race to replace Republican Roy Blunt, as US Senator. During this election cycle, since we do not have enough funding, manpower, or bandwidth to even try to organize and then manage any efforts in any other states, we invite, welcome, and urge anyone – in any state other than Missouri – to create their own “independent but cooperating” organization, and to become involved in any races for either the House, or the Senate, in any such state, using any tactics, strategies, positions, platforms, announcements, publicity, fund-raising appeals, “organizational management ideas,” or any other trait, activity, or whatever, from our group. Anyone who does so will not owe us any money, or even any attribution, mention, or thanks.


          The day AFTER the 2022 election, everyone’s attention will turn to the 2024 election. When that happens, any state organizations that might want to work together (so that more nationwide recognition, credibility, economies of scale, and other good things can kick in) can see if they can find ways to do so. Finding ways to cooperate, work together, and actually get things done, is the heart and essence of GOOD politics; and, unless some network or cluster of state organizations can show and prove that they can come together and do that, the public will not care what they tried to do. Final point: to help create two vehicles that can be used to haul things, The Two-Party Party (in Missouri) has filed for nationwide trademark ("service mark", to be more precise) registration of the following phrases: "Two-Party Party" and "Middle Class Manifesto".

          Okay, then; this "first draft" is heavy on text, with only a few graphics, since text is the easiest way to try to describe something complicated, in words that can be considered carefully, discussed with others, and revised. Once it is up and available, we will begin creating videos and other methods of spreading the word, which will be both: (i) plugged into this website, and (ii) posted elsewhere (such as on a dedicated YouTube channel).

          Since this first version is so heavy on text, if anyone wants a complete text version of this entire website, so they can read it at leisure (and make notes in the margins, presumably to help prepare an attack in behalf of one or more candidates who feel offended, threatened, etc.) – OR, FOR ANYONE WHO IS CHECKING OUT THIS SITE ON A CELLPHONE, TABLET, OR WHATEVER, AND WANTS TO BE ABLE TO GRAB THE WHOLE THING, AND READ IT LATER – they can click either button below, for either:

(i) an MS Word version (easy to edit, in case you would like to send us your suggestions for revisions or additions, and please highlight your suggestions with bold colors); or,

(ii) a pdf version (for reduced worry about potential malware).



          2PARTYPARTY.ORG is a website, initially created by a small and informal organization, with an engineer/patent attorney writing the content herein, with input from friends, family, etc. After an initial version was posted, he decided to enter the Democratic primary for US Senate, in Missouri. His campaign website is at, and it became the site which focuses on the active parts of his campaign, with position papers, etc. As a result, this 2PartyParty website became an "adjunct" (or spinoff, etc.) of the active campaign website, since it addresses other political issues that will merit time and effort, regardless of what happens in the Missouri Senate primary, in August 2022. 

​           So, THIS website analyzes several "systemic political problems", including:

            (i) why third parties cause the opposite of what they want, hope, and try to do. Put simply, it's because they always, predictably, and inevitably split the vote with whichever party they are closer to, thereby helping elect candidates they dislike;

            (ii) why Congress is doing pretty much the opposite of actually helping the middle class, even though it claims and pretends to be doing exactly that; and, even though . . . history shows – repeatedly and consistently – that the best, happiest, strongest, and most productive period, for any city-state, empire, or nation ever in history, was when their `middle class’ was the largest, strongest, and most stable;

            (iii) why Congress does not even try, and for the most part, does not even want, to help solve any of the most divisive, polarizing, and hate-filled issues that are tearing the nation apart. Why not? Because they have learned how to exploit the anger, heat, and steam created by those issues, to power the engines that help them get re-elected (because, well, steam engines do not, and cannot, run on just plain water; someone must light a fire beneath that water, and then keep pouring fuel onto that fire, to keep that water boiling hot, and creating steam); and,

            (iv) how extremists, zealots, and `far-wingers’ (or wingnuts, nutcakes, `culture warriors', `show-ponies', `camera whores', or any other preferred term), out at the far ends of the political spectrum, have come to dominate far too many of the nominating battles in BOTH parties, by being so aggressive, unpleasant, and obnoxious, that most moderates and centrists will simply leave, and abandon the contest, in disgust, allowing the extremists to win `last man standing’ battles they create, and inflict on their parties.

            This website also proposes a number of logical proposals to fix (or at least control, and reduce) the problems listed above. These proposals were thought up, discussed with others, and slowly refined and improved over a span of decades, by someone with an unusual combination of skills; as a patent attorney, he needs to understand science and reality, as well as engineering and design principles, and he also must understand law, as well. Since good inventions are neither liberal nor conservative, he doesn't get into those categories; instead, proposals have to be evaluated based on whether they can help solve problems, and do some good.

          So, THOSE are the kinds of proposals that are described and discussed, in THIS website.

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One-party systems are NOT suited for the U.S. That should seem obvious; but, it seems like some right-wingers, and some socialists, want to push us halfway there, without realizing that it would be VERY hard to stop, once we get started down either one of those two greasy slopes.

Why 3 (or more) parties don't work, and are aggressively ANTI-democracy . With examples to refute the rationales, promises, and rhetoric of those who dream of gaining HUGE power, by controlling a few crucial "swing votes, despite having only a small amount of public support.

An early version of something we hope/intend to expand into a separate website and book, with help from historians, political scientists, and others. Basic themes: (i) the best time, for any city-state, nation, or empire that ever existed, was when it had the largest and most stable middle class; (ii) voters need to find ways to nominate and elect candidates who actually WILL help the middle class, instead of just making empty promises to do so.

Specific steps that moderates, centrists, and respectful people can use, to regain control over nominations and elections. That's our goal, and the need to use "force and power" to achieve a political goal, is really no different than having to use electric power, to make a computer run.

Instead of trying to actually solve problems, too many politicians have learned how to exploit, abuse, and "milk" the most angry, divisive, polarizing issues, to help them get re-elected. We will take the opposite approach.

The `Two-Party Party' approach of moderation, balance, and actually listening, is surprisingly adaptable  to things like dating, socializing, and forming new connections. So . . . some thoughts on how some dating services and apps might be persuaded to try some new things . . .